A simple guide to building your own bluetooth speaker on a budget.

I had an idea to build a bluetooth speaker for a long time and last month got the time and components to start the work. Every teen guy here wanted to have loud sounds with high base in the 20s. I guess still we aren’t changed much on that subject. Here is a guide to building a one on your own at a cheap.

Below are the components you need to buy on your next run to the local electronics store. If not you can simply ebay them.
1. bluetooth / USB / FM decoder module
2. PAM8403 amplifier module
3. 2 speakers (4Ω 3W preferable)
4. 5V AC to DC converter

If you have an old radio lying around, you can use those speakers too. Also, I acquired all the items from local electronics store and they are more cheaper than ebay listings. Total cost for the components for me is around 1000 LKR. One thing to note about the decoder module is that it supports many modes including FM, line in, USB MP3, TF card MP3.

Wiring the components are pretty much simple. Refer below image as a guide. Here I didn’t include wiring of 5V supply, you have to solder one end to a AC plug and use the DC output end to power the decoder module and the amplifier. For that, I used an old 2 pin AC plug from a broken soldering iron.

component wiring diagram

After everything is connected, connect the converter to AC and check the decoder module. It will show the current mode on 7-segment display and speak the selected mode out loud. Use the IR remote which came with the decoder to change the mode. Once you are on bluetooth mode, it will speak out loud as “bluetooth mode”. Now the moment of truth 😉

Take your phone and turn on bluetooth and scan for nearby device. Your precious newly made speaker will show as BT-SPEAKER. Tap to pair, select Yes for the initial pin exchange. Once you are paired, the speaker will respond as “paired”. Hit play on your favorite song, make sure both speakers are working.

your speaker will show as ‘BT-SPEAKER’

If everything goes Okey, now it is time to make it pretty. You can use your imagination for that to make it much better than mine. I used a pizza box to house all my components and a glue gun to glue speakers and decoder on to the box.

speaker proudly lying on table.

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