if you try to install new versions of any jetbrain’s IDE s you may have experience that fonts are not rendering well like previous versions. you may see fonts are rendered in ubuntu’s default fonts and not in jetbrain’s font set.

jetbrains ide clion font not rendered
jetbrains ide clion font not rendered

root permission method

if you try to run the IDE as root this won’t be happen, the fonts will render perfectly. so the solution here is to edit the desktop entity of the IDE to run as root. for that we need gksuso installed first.

sudo apt-get install gksu

if you haven’t already created a desktop entity create a one through configure -> create desktop entity. then we have to edit the created .desktop file in order to run the IDE as root everything you run in from unity dash. typically .desktop files are stored in /usr/share/applications or in ~/.local/share/applications. check whether your corresponding desktop files lies in there. if so open it with gedit or your preferred text editor.

add gksudo after Exec= entry and save your .desktop file. edited file may looks like following.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=gksudo "/opt/clion-1.0.3/bin/" %f
Comment=Develop with pleasure!

now every time you launch the IDE you will be prompted to enter you root password and you can see the fonts are rendered so much perfect than before. hope entering your password one time won’t be a pain as now you can work with your IDE more nicely than before.

font perfectly shown in jetbrains clion ide
font perfectly shown in jetbrains clion ide

update 2015-09-01

instead of adding root permissions to the IDE you can change the IDE’s font to default font which is used by all jetbrains IDEs. default font used by the IDE in ubuntu is dejavu-sans 12px. goto settings -> appearance, check override default fonts and select dejavu-sans 12 px as below and you are ready to go. 🙂

override font to dejavu-sans 12px to fix font rendering isse in new jetbrain ides
override font to dejavu-sans 12px